The Martin Marino brand is synonymous with true Italian craftsmanship, and we have been doing it for over 150 years. We go to great lengths to maintain high standards for our products.

Each and every one of our bags is crafted in Italy by our family of experienced artisans who are highly skilled at blending beauty with form and function. We do it for major designer brands, and we can do it for you.


Our pride in our products is only matched by our pride in our people and our environment. Martin Marino is committed to fair and ethical labor practices that strengthen our industry not tarnish it.

We are also dedicated to preserving our planet, and we take great care to conserve resources, reduce waste, and utilize the most energy-efficient processes in the manufacturing of our products.

These are promises we make not only our team, but also to you, our loyal customers. We pledge that all our products are manufactured in a socially responsible, eco-friendly environment that’s reflective of our brand and values.