Congratulations on the purchase of your Martin Marino handbag. The production of your bag comes from generations of Italian tradition of making the finest luxury goods in the world. With proper maintenance, your Martin Marino handbag will last for several years. The appropriate treatment of a leather item depends upon its condition, or the degree of deterioration when treatment is started. Leather deteriorates largely by four means:
  • 1 Oxidation is most readily seen in very old dry leather, with surface cracking and flaking, and over-all weakness. Oxidation will eventually turn leather to dust. Oxidation is reduced by a thorough impregnation with a leather care lotion. Leather items should not be sealed in a display case and forgotten - they must be kept moisturized.
  • 2 Internal chafing or breaking of fibers occurs when dry leather is flexed. A lubricant is essential to allow the fibers to slide one against the other. Dry leather should not be flexed prior to thorough lubrication.
  • 3 Chemical damage can be through the effect of ultraviolet light, ozone, acid from sulphurous and nitrous pollutants in the air, or through chemical action following treatment with tallow or oil compounds. Both oxidation and chemical damage occur faster at higher temperatures. Leather should be stored away from heat, and not needlessly exposed to sunlight.
  • 4 Abrasion can be external, from rubbing on the outside, or internal from dirt particles ground into the leather.

Caring for Your 
Martin Marino Bag


Surface Dirt
Most surface dirt can be removed by gentle wiping with a clean, damp cloth.

Lightly rub the marks with your fingers. Often the natural oils in the leather will help buff out small scuffs. Leather Care Lotion can also be used to help remove small scuffs. Apply a small amount onto a clean, dry cloth and rub gently into the leather, evenly covering a complete section or panel of the product in order to achieve a uniform appearance. When dry, gently buff the leather with a dry, clean cloth.

Cleaning Fabrics
A clean white dampened cloth should be used to "lift" out the stain by blotting the complete area. Never scrub or brush one particular spot on your bag as this could lighten the color of your fabric. It is best to clean a complete section of the product to achieve a uniform appearance.