When love becomes more

When love becomes more.

It began with true love, and a passion for luxury handbags.

With her Italian fiancé in hand, Kimberlee found more than she could have imagined wandering the cobblestoned streets of the beautiful Amalfi Coast.

A family steeped in luxury craftsmanship.

Giampaolo Marino, the man she adored, and his family have, for generations, set their hands to crafting luxury handbags of unparalleled quality and stunning style, for which this Italian craft is celebrated.

A family steeped in luxury craftsmanship
\When Style becomes a statement

When style becomes a statement.

With a keen eye for beauty, style, and a head for business, Kimberlee set out to bring these exquisite luxury handbags to the United States–directly to women at affordable prices.

This is how Martin Marino Italia was born.

Italian Luxury at prices unheard of in the luxury marketplace.

We bring this most exacting attention to design and quality directly to you at a price never seen in the luxury marketplace.

To you exclusively from the house of Martin Marino.